At IMPACT Repertory Theatre Performance Company, young people use current events and their own personal experience as material to explore the issues facing young people in America. The Repertory company performs in front of over 25,000 people per year at venues ranging from the United Nations Headquarters, NYC's City Hall, hospitals, public schools as well as penitentiaries.

Members of the IMPACT Repertory team participate in the following programs:

Dance: Modern, Jazz, Traditional African, Hip-Hop and Ballet
Movement: Martial Arts, Stage Combat, Stepping and Pantomime

Music: Voice, Composition, Keyboards, and Musical Theatre

Drama: Improvisation, Scene Study, Monologues, Performance and Audition Techniques

Leadership: Conflict Resolution, Human Rights Activism, Public Speaking, Drug Prevention, Career Planning, Community Organizing, Time Management and Personal Growth

Writing: Poetry, Songs, Essays, Short Stories, Plays and Movie Scripts

Impact Boot Camp

Prospective members experience a twelve-week intensive leadership training program to become members of IMPACT. Here they learn the fundamentals of leadership, service and public speaking. Impact Boot Camp trainees also learn the repertory performance material.

IMPACT Repertory Theatre Community Service Programs

IMPACT believes the first step of true leadership is service. Every year, our members visit nursing homes, participate in block clean ups and organize food drives to assist in the health of their community.

Performance Labs

Vocals, Dance, Hip Hop, Drama, Spoken Word 

Creative Labs

Writing, Music, Drama, Poetry

Digital Arts Labs

Recording, Sound Engineering, Film Making

College Prep

Tutoring and college preparation

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