Yvette Brodrick

Impact Boot Camp 6

I joined IMPACT Repertory Theater at the age of 9. Impact was my escape from my everyday life and I allowed IMPACT to help push me to tough time in my life including the lost of my mother. I graduated from College Park with a BS in Community Health. I am currently attending the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health pursing my Master's of Health Science with a concentration in Cancer Epidemiology.


Virginia Sarita

Impact Boot Camp 12

My mother was born and raised in the Dominican Republic so I really didn't have the same structure as other children. My life as a child was very strict and when joining Impact I finally found a place where I could express myself freely. In High school I had trouble with my academics. IMPACT not only encouraged me in my craft of singing but also pushed me to become a better student with the leadership training workshops that were also given each Saturday. Today I am a student at St Johns University and currently doing a semester program abroad. I studied in Paris, France, Seville, Spain, and now I'm in Rome, Italy.


Hannah Tall’s

Impact Boot Camp 8

My IMPACT experiences followed me as I worked for the Center for Community Action and Research (following the idea of service in our credo) and was an active member of WPAW, the radio station, among other things. As a recent grad of Pace University, I am currently in Bogotá, Colombia on a J. William Fulbright U.S. Student grant (or for short you can put, Fulbright grantee) as an English Teaching Assistant for Universidad Militay Nueva Granada. I am halfway through my grant, and will be returning to the States in June.